"What dose beauty mean to you?"
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At NORA, we would like you to further enrich your lifestyle.

Through beauty, we add an element of excitement to your way of life.

Delight in our stimulating hair salon and discover the beauty you thought you never had.


"As a symbol of the independent woman"

NORA is the name of the main character in the play "Et Dukkehjem", written by the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen.

In this story, the main character Nora grows up as the image of a woman in a new generation.

We decided to name our salon NORA to symbolize each and every customer's image of the perfect woman, as well as to symbolize our desire to work together to create this image.

"High Quality" + "Casual" = NORA Style

Hair stylists actively working for a variety of magazines, while deliberately sitting down with each customer, will draw out "your true beauty" with the most suited style for you using a matching high level of skill.

The salon is a carefree gathering space modeled after New York's open and lively Brooklyn district and offers a comfortable time.